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Small Update
Hey folks!

One of my readers, who started learning from my tutorials, has created a pretty awesome engine - Burngine. You can check it out, it's open source, it looks really great, now a lot more advanced than my simple tutorials . The bro that makes it seems like a really talented coder for his age.

I'm still finishing my Diploma Thesis, working on some stuff at work and so on... as always . However, after 2nd of May, my Diploma Thesis must be submitted, and then I can truly continue making dem tutorials. So just stay patient for a little longer, and wish me luck in finishing these things.

Also, Happy Easter to all my readers .
At Least What's Going On
Dear fellow readers of this webpage,

I didn't update ofr a while, it's because I'm ending University Studies soon and I'm working on my Diploma Thesis plus I have a full time programmer job, as you know, so there's little time left these days (my DIploma Thesis is Computer Vision based, not OpenGL).

Anyway, when this hell of stress and final exams, tests, and Diploma Thesis is over, I want my webpage to grow. If I get rid of this school burden, I will be able to really dedicate some more time for my webpage and tutorials. Diploma Thesis is due to 2nd of May, but the Easter is coming and I know that during Easter days I won't do much, you know that feelind, when you have holidays and you finally go home to your family and friends, you don't have that much of a desire to do your duties.

By that time, wish me luck and be patient !

And thank you all for all kinds of positive feedbacks and thankful e-mails, I'm glad you guys appreciate what I did .
22nd Tutorial (finally) Up
Hello guys,

I have finally uploaded my 22nd tutorial. It's about Specular Lighting. Article ain't written yet, but I'm glad I uploaded tutorial at least .

Next tutorial (23rd) will be about creating particles (which have been used in my projects like The Enchanted Forest or Physicsified) using Transform Feedback Buffers.

So stay tuned!
Hi guys,

last week I finally finished my semester successfully . I had to write some parts of Diploma Thesis in order to pass and also make my project for one of them subjects I was having this semester. Luckily, everything is over, and now I can resume dedicating some time to my webpage .

Before my next tutorial, you can check my project I made for that university subject. It's called Physicsified and it demonstrates usage of Bullet Physics, which I plan to make tutorials of. You can find it in OpenGL Demos section of this webpage. However I must point out, that it was coded pretty much on-the-fly, so code is messy, not working for 100% and so on. But the result is nice anyway.

I also started accepting donations in DogeCoin!!!. If you like this webpage, you should consider donating something, but it's up to you, no pressure ^^. My Dogecoin address is D6SpzhKATRRwxtVccvXecgXAoXc8kySehe (you can also find it in Donate section).

I hope you guys like it and still like me and my webpage, even though I'm so unreliable on my ETAs .
Hi, I'm here, healthy, living

I've been going through some hard stuff and decisions in my life lately, for example I changed the thema of Diploma Thesis in "last second", because the one I had previously would take me too much time and I can't afford it next to working and drumming. I started playing in a band now, so the time is even shorter for me than it was

However, that does not make me forget the OpenGL part of me, however recently I had to focus on other things, like passing final exams (yesterday I got them ^^ ), learning songs for band and also till the end of the week, I gotta have beta version of something created.

So that means, that after Friday, I should have some free days to finally FINISH my old Specular Lighting tutorial I'm promising three months

Hope you guys accept my schedule as it is and will still like my future creations and tutorials
Still Nothing?
I'm sorry I suck at my ETAs

My problem is, that I was working a lot in a work for last month, then I was on a trip with friends in Netherlands (Amsterdam and Groningen), and now, even though I am relieved in work, my Diploma Thesis has been stale for a long time and I must work on it till the end of the week :/ That sucks.

But don't get discouraged, I really like writing tutorials, I just need to handle some things that are currently more important. Then I will just finish that tutorial about Specular Highlights .
Hello guys, before I upload my new tutorial (again, I'm late ^^ been overloaded with work and school lately and some other stuff from my real life), let me present this:

Burngine Engine

It's an engine from one of my readers, he seems to be a pretty talented guy . Definitely check it out. My tutorial is working, however I didn't comment the code whatsoever and there is one thing I should resolve in it. However today I'm leaving for teambuilding of the company I work at, so I will hopefully finish the tutorial this weekend, because Saturday afternoon I am back.

Till then, you can check my first drum cover on YouTube ^^

Specular Lighting Tutorial
Hello guys,

my next tutorial about specular lighting is halfway done, but I decided to teach you some more stuff in it than just specular lighting. I'm going to program displaying of normals of models, for easier debugging of stuff, and maybe one more thing from completely different area, but maybe I'll leave it for next tutorial.

But displaying of normals is gonna be there for sure .
21th Tutorial Article
I just uploaded article to 21th tutorial - Multilayered Terrain. It's pretty long though, longest one I have ever written .

Have fun reading it .
21th OpenGL tutorial
I finally uploaded 21th tutorial - Multilayered Terrain. I hope you guys will enjoy it .

However, I will write an article later, because I'm pretty busy with work / school at the moment, I'm also training with one band now, I will probably be playing with soon, so stay patient (you probably got used to it with me and my deadlines ).
What's up bros and sis?

I've been working now on next tutorial about multi-layered terrain, it's nearly complete, I just need to write corresponding article explaining stuff.

However, as I'm pretty active person - working, school has begun (Diploma Thesis deadline is pushing me ), not only that, I'm also starting to be drummer of one band here in Slovakia, so tough times are coming .

Anyway, I wanna put 21th tutorial here by Friday, even without article, and then I will write the article additionaly sometimes .

I will create a drum cover of some song next week, so then you will be able to see me . I will post it here.

So stay tuned guys and I appreciate your endless patience .
The Enchanted Forest
Here is a small OpenGL Demo I created as university project - The Enchanted Forest. Hope you guys will enjoy it .

I've started working on 21th tutorial, which will cover multilayered terrain rendering, which has also been used in this demo.
20th OpenGL tutorial
FInnaly, a new tutorial!!! Assimp Model Loading.

This one is about model loading using Assimp library. It's nothing difficult there, but it will help a lot being able to load all kinds of models.

I'm really incosistent on writing lately, blaming work is just obsolete now I will try to come up with next tutorial about multi-layered terrain really quickly, I already have it programmed in another project of mine.

Oh wait, that another project is actually OpenGL demo, whici I will upload next week! After a long time, my webpage will receive something else rather than just tutorials

Stay tuned and forgive me my inconsistency in writing :/ .
Older Tutorials Update
I'm going to repair older tutorials, because of some serious errors I've done there.

I'll write the changelog at the beginning of every tutorial then.

Serious errors include bad order of multiplying in shaders, some things not working in certain circumstances, some clampings in shader added and so on. If you find some mistakes in my tutorials, write in in the comments or e-mail me.

I really shouldn't have mistakes in my tutorials, but they can happen, so sorry about that. I'll fix them soon.
Tutorial Inbound
Took me longer, but soon it's about to be here! As soon as I return from vacation on Mallorca, I will upload here that Assimp Model Loading tutorial. Code is working, I just need to clean it and do some final things. I also coded shadows in meantime, so the shadow tutorial will be added soon when it will be announced.

I'm sorry it's all taking me so long, and I thank you for being patient .
Next tutorial coming
Hi guys,

I'm finishin my school project at the moment, and then I will write another tutorial. Next one will be about loading meshes using Assimp library - there will be no need to use our obj loader again - Assimp library is able to load all commonly used meshes, so we don't have to care about the file format of our model. I will upload it next week sometimes.

I will also improve my older tutorials - many things have been pointed out to me, that can be done A LOT better. I'm also a guy who's learning new things everyday, so I may have made some things not that optimal.

Anyway thanks for reading these tutorials, I hit 4,000 downloads on first tutorial and that's incredible for me .
Some info
Hello guys,

it's been a while again since my last update - I had lots of exams in school. At the moment, I have finished them all, and I'm only finishing one project for school now (it's an OpenGL project, I will upload it here after).

During summer holidays, I should have plenty of time, so I will create few more tutorials during these 2 months at least and also finally rework all my articles.

I'm always behind my schedule But at the moment there are other things in my life I need to accomplish before I can dedicate some time to writing tutorials .
19th tutorial is up!

I added a new tutorial! After being kinda busy I managed to get it together. I hope you guys ain't mad at me for my irresponsibility .

It's 3D Picking Pt. 2 and it shows ray casting method.

I also did some reviews on previous tutorials, but not re-uploaded articles and exes and sources yet. Now I have tw weeks to finish school semester and some projects to be done, so now I will focus more on school and less on work and some other stuff. I'll let you know if something new is going on.

Anyway, you can always expect some new tutorials from me in future, even though there might be insane delays sometimes .
Tutorial Reviewing
I started with tutorial reviewing today, I want to make everything consistent and clarify some things and also review some things which are only partially true.

I will update this post gradually. After this reviewing I'll put 3D Picking pt. 2 tutorial.
New Tutorial
Hello guys,

it's been a while since my last update - i was having exam session at the University, finally it ended, now I'm just finishing one school project and then I will write that second part of picking.

I'm also going to review ALL tutorials I've written so far, there have been some things pointed out, that are not completely correct or can be done more efficiently - so I'm going to purge tutorials of all mistakes, and also will review their codes and remove unwanted elements from there (like having cpp file of fog, that's only used in 12th tutorial).

Stay tuned !