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The Lost Treasure

Date: 31.12.2009

This is my first RPG creation. It was created as a project for Programming subject at the Comenius University I currently study at. Unlike my other projects, this one was programmed using FreePascal, in Lazarus environment (it was obligatory for us).

You are a hero and you've been sent by king to find a long lost ancient treasure (what an original story, huh :-) ). OpenGL Window has got a static resolution 1024x768. I've used newer version of my model format (now it's 1.25, extension is .mbsm). Enjoy!

Download (6.27 MB)
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CV4nozAn (tjria9etitl@hotmail.com) on 15.12.2015 15:52:43
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Best player euw (best@player.euw) on 25.12.2014 16:08:42
u need to walk backwards while attacking and they wont hurt you
zhangxiongfeng (13xfzhang@stu.edu.cn) on 21.12.2014 14:46:25
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