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Winter Wars 2

Date: sometimes in December 2004

This was my first FPS (First Person Shooter) game. But is this even FPS game? It's got lots of undone and bad way programmed things, so it isn't just like real FPS. For example: The faster computer you have, the more difficult game is. Why? Because I programmed it in 2004 on an older computer and I really didn't know anything about speed optimization. FPS (now it's Frames Per Second) count on my old computer was always 60, so it runned as it should. But on faster computers there is higher FPS rate and more scene updates. So it can be so fast that you can just see how you respawn :-) But the newest graphic cards have some FPS caps - if they see they can generate thousands FPS, they just cap it to some value, 100 for example. It's practically the same if you have 100 or 1000 FPS, you can't see the difference. So I want to say, that this old thing should be playable on high-end machines :-D ! Winter Wars 1 has never been created, I just decided to start with Winter Wars 2 :-).

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