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The Enchanted Forest

Date: 03.09.2013

Demo project I was creating as university project. It shows a simple forest scene with some wolves, waterfall, house, ruins, fireplace and a flying fairy.

Most of OpenGL knowledge used here can be found in my tutorials. I also used my own particle system library for OpenGL 3.3 using transform feedback (I will put it on this webpage someday too)

The music is taken from World Of Warcraft - I was just randomly browsing youtube until I came to something ''foresty'' that fits to this scene

For those interested in source code, I can send you via e-mail. I didn't want to put it here, because it's highly many things have been added only on the fly and it really should be re-factored in some way.

Download (78.94 MB)
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Ann (swsw@sibmail.com) on 05.11.2015 10:51:47
WOW! Your project is amazing! It would be great if you send me the source code
Jerry (xpost2000cod@gmail.com) on 10.08.2015 15:42:15
Cool demo! It would really help if i had the source code. I'd really like to study the code.
JF (filhojff@gmail.com) on 12.05.2015 04:24:57
Please, send me the source code. : )
tejus (tejusjn@gmail.com) on 24.02.2015 16:20:31
please sent the source code
Trinh (slicism@gmail.com) on 12.12.2014 21:14:25
Your demo looks pretty impressive!
Could you please send its source code.
Thanks a lot!
Nick (524807795@qq.com) on 02.12.2014 05:32:49
Excuss me. Why it comes lots of errors when I open the program?
If I don't run it in fullscreen, it can't be run. And when I run it in fullscreen, it appears lots of errors and then the screen goes white.
henryfung (670946843@qq.com) on 10.11.2014 09:22:05
can you please send me your source code, 670946843@qq.com
Tran Tuan Minh (minhtt.me13@vnu.edu.vn) on 25.09.2014 10:38:39
So beautiful, Please send your source code to me, my email is minhtt.me13@vnu.edu.vn
Thanks so much.
Ramdan Suryadi (raamdansuryadi@gmail.com) on 15.09.2014 07:25:33
Hai I interesting, Can i get source code for learning purposes ? pls send me to raamdansuryadi@gmail.com. Thanks
Agito (agitodev@gmail.com) on 28.04.2014 10:17:55
Hi, I would also ike to see the source code for your demo.
Thanks in advance
Naveen (zanaveen@gmail.com) on 06.04.2014 08:00:12
Plz send source code
Khalid (khalid@untanglesolutions.com) on 02.04.2014 14:33:42
Can I get the code for learning purposes
Rafal (rafal.w@autograf.pl) on 21.02.2014 20:01:31
Hi. This is great work. I would like to see how you did it and hope learn from it. Could you send me code on e-mail. I'll be thankful
Max (nevoxx91@gmail.com) on 29.10.2013 19:09:18
Hi, this is a great demo that shows many of the things from the tutorials combined. Is it possible that you send mail me the source code, i would be very grateful.

John (thenoob994@hotmail.com) on 25.09.2013 08:18:50
Very nice camera movement, Mind if I study the code?

Thanks man.
Sebastian (pepa1973@o2.pl) on 05.09.2013 15:52:53
Hello. Very interesting. How long have you created the code? Using bezier curves for the camera?

p.s you can send me a code?
Fabian (fabianorue@gmail.com) on 04.09.2013 19:29:13
Hello Mb! It looks great on demo, if possible I would like to see the code or if you can send me this to fabianorue@gmail.com , for study the techniques used and to learn more about these topics that both interest me. Since I'm very grateful
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